viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

rock my bed alone

some stars get -unconsciously- pricked
some hearts get scrambled by their feelings
someday we'll leave
may return?
undoubtly not

i got my truth.
i ran away.
we felt in love.

we're now awake.
it's not our fault.

we draw our shades;
they stoped their talks.

can't stand my head.
should go.
should stare.
should break in time my walk alone.

those stripes surround the bed.
those lacks and needs and creeps and stairs.

that fierce would fall
would breath no more.

that's all.

3 comentarios:

Marcos Ortega dijo...

pernaba que nos ibas a volver a abandonar otra vez... menos mal que no.. jejeje

edu_art dijo...

ni de coña!
y menos con la energía que llevo estas semanas. es un no-parar.

:) beso

Eclipse.. dijo...

"Rock my bed alone"

Me ahh gustadooo!!

Definitivamente..!! bueno...